Lianne McNally is an award-winning writer, producer and director who makes documentaries and advocacy videos. Lianne McNally’s experience covers a variety of genres. Early in her career, she created TV and radio on-air promotions for the CBS Evening News and other broadcasts. She was then tapped to join the effort of the News Division to cover the Gulf War.

Lianne McNally went on to serve as series producer for the CBS News Productions magazine show called “The Best of Us.” Hosted by Mark McEwen, the ‘good news’ show highlighted the efforts of people helping people. McNally programmed the episodes, supervised production and more.

McNally wrote, produced and directed the Academy Award-nominated documentary short “Artists and Orphans: A True Drama,” about an American theatrical troupe who went to the Republic of Georgia for a theater festival and found themselves helping more than 100 children living in an orphanage.