Artists and Orphans: A True Drama

Artists and Orphans: A True Drama pic
Artists and Orphans: A True Drama

As a writer and producer, Lianne McNally has been involved in a variety of programs and projects, both for broadcast television and for nonprofit and corporate clients. Her work covers many genres, from news and documentary to promotion to entertainment. Lianne McNally produced a short documentary called Artists and Orphans: A True Drama, which was honored with an Academy Award nomination in 2002.

Describing the attempts of American artists traveling in the Republic of Georgia to provide humanitarian aid for local orphans, Artists and Orphans: A True Drama seeks to illuminate the suffering of children in a country experiencing economic collapse after a civil war. The program showcases the heartbreaking conditions of a local state-run orphanage, as well as the hope to be found in a makeshift orphanage run by a nun and a school teacher.

Artists and Orphans: A True Drama won a number of film festival awards and helped to establish Lianne McNally as a filmmaker.

Supporting SKIP of New York

skip-of-new-yorkLianne McNally began her career as a writer, quickly moving into the television and film world. She went on to establish herself as a producer as well, creating content for CBS, Showtime and many other outlets. Lianne McNally has also applied her skills in the non-profit arena, directing films for organizations such as SKIP of New York.

SKIP of New York helps the nearly 1 million New York children living with autism, developmental disabilities, birth defects, and other physical and cognitive challenges. SKIP, which stands for Sick Kids Need Involved People, provides assistance to children and their families at no cost to them. The organization routinely provides help to 5 thousand children each year, a figure that translates to about $50 million saved in public expenses.

As a registered 501(c)(3) charity, the award-winning SKIP is headquartered in New York City and also maintains offices in Buffalo and Rochester, enabling them to serve families both upstate and downstate. The organization is grateful for the help it receives from its many supporters, both corporate and private. To learn more about SKIP’s services or to make a donation, visit