The Impact of Social Issue Documentaries

The Thin Blue Line pic

The Thin Blue Line

A filmmaker whose credits include the short documentary Artists and Orphans: A True Drama, which was nominated for an Academy Award, Lianne McNally creates films for a variety of clients. Lianne McNally believes that social issue documentaries are crucial to the modern cultural fabric and that well-made films can affect real social change. Just a few examples of documentaries that impacted the social construct include:

1. The Thin Blue Line (1988). Errol Morris’ film highlighted corruption within the Dallas County justice system, leading to the exoneration of Randall Adams, who had been erroneously convicted of shooting a police officer and sentenced to death before his conviction was overturned.

2. Super Size Me (2004). In his examination of the fast food industry and its contributions to the obesity epidemic in the United States, Morgan Spurlock committed to eating McDonald’s food for one month, during which time he would increase his order to a Supersize portion whenever it was offered. Though it denied a connection, McDonald’s began phasing out the Supersize option from its menus six weeks after the movie’s release.

3. Blackfish (2013). The impact of Blackfish, which delved into the issue of SeaWorld keeping Orcas in captivity, directly contributed to SeaWorld’s decision to end its long-running Orca shows.