New York Restoration Project’s Environmental Education

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Environmental Education

An Academy Award-nominated writer, producer, and director, Lianne McNally also makes films for a range of clients. Lianne McNally creates advocacy and promotional videos for nonprofits such as the New York Restoration Project (NYRP).

NYRP works to conserve community gardens, bring life to under-served public parks, and develop green spaces throughout the five boroughs of New York City. By 2015, the organization had completed its goal hand in hand with the NYC Parks Department to plant 1 million trees throughout the city. In addition to its work in conservation and restoration, NYRP staff and volunteers provide environmental education for young students.

Each year, hundreds of K-8 students learn about New York City’s natural history through outdoor class programs Garden Growers and Nature in My Neighborhood. In the latter, students engage in activities like the Highbridge Hike, where they observe and experience the different layers of the city’s urban forests, and Dig It, a hands-on activity that fosters skills such as composting, harvesting, weeding, and watering.