SKIP of New York

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SKIP of New York

Immediately prior to working on The Justice Project (w/t), Lianne McNally served as Development Director for Sick Kids Need Involved People (SKIP) of New York. She came to the position after producing and directing videos for the nonprofit. SKIP of New York helps more than 5,000 medically fragile and developmentally disabled children each year to find the medical services and equipment they need.

Narrated by Meredith Vieira, one of the videos produced by Lianne McNally for SKIP of New York was entitled “There’s No Place Like Home.” The video was designed to to educate people about SKIP’s work and to rally support for the organization. SKIP’s primary mission is to help children with complex medical needs and developmental disabilities live at home with their families instead of in hospitals or institutions.

Begun in 1983, SKIP of New York aids families in many ways. SKIP can coordinate home modifications needed for children’s disabilities as well as provide educational and recreational programs for children and caregivers alike.